Best engagement photo locations NJ
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Best engagement photo locations NJ

If you're searching for the best engagement photo locations NJ then hopefully your search led me to my page. Sayen Gardens in Hamilton is definitely one of the best locations for engagement photos in NJ. I would consider it to be in the top 10 for best engagement photo locations. Not only is it free admission, but it's also very beautiful and there is almost always something in bloom no matter what the season. Even in winter, you can find many beautiful spots for photos such as the bridge, the koi pond, the gazebo, the waterfall, and the beautiful evergreen foliage. Unless you plan on doing your wedding here, there will be no fee for an engagement session. There are endless opportunities for great photos in this great little park. If you plan on going all around the park, I would plan on spending at least 90 minutes to two hours. This should give you plenty of time to cover every side of the gardens. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to see more of my engagement session pictures taken at Sayen Gardens.

Location: 155 Hughes Dr, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690.

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