Best NJ Engagement photo location
Photography by Bilal
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Best NJ Engagement photo location

If you were to ask me about the best NJ engagement photo location, Sayen Gardens in Hamilton would definitely be in my top 5. The location has beautiful bridges, waterfalls, and has something blooming almost year round. Even in winter, the evergreen shrubs and bushes provide a great backdrop for engagement photos. This image here was one of my absolute favorite images taken in 2017. I spotted a big flowering bush and thought how awesome would it look if I were to surround them with these flowers. Using the bush as the foreground, I asked the couple to stand in front of the bush, once I positioned them in the spot, I asked them to cuddle and this was the resulting image. A little bit of creativity can go a long way. As a NJ wedding and engagement photographer, i'm always trying to think outside the box to get the unique and eye catching image. Another thing to keep an eye on is contrast. As an artist, contrast or lack of contrast can make or break the image. The pink and the green provided for a great contrast in this scene. Of course, it helps a great deal if there is a lot of chemistry between the couple, and as you can see that was definitely not an issue here. 

Location: 155 Hughes Dr, Hamilton Township, NJ 08690.