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Photography by Bilal
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Best South Jersey photographers

If you're looking for the best South Jersey photographers, then look no further because I am the best South Jersey photographer. Ok so I understand photography is subjective, what one person might think is amazing, another might think it's not. But in terms of photographic knowledge, creativity, lighting know how, and I think that I am the best bang for your buck photographer out there. Just look at this image for example. Look how a single flash creates such a difference in the photo. I had placed one off camera flash to the left of the couple to create a little more drama, and make the subjects pop while leaving the background slightly underexpose. The framing also doesn't get better then this. So if you're looking for the best south jersey photographers, the one you've found here is definitely the best!

Location: 155 Hughes Dr, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690.

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