Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Portrait
Photography by Bilal
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Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Portrait

This was one of my favorite bridal portrait images of 2016. I shot this image at the luxurious Merion in South Jersey. This is one of my standard bridal portraits-shooting from the top and asking the bride to look down. Shooting from this angle always creates stunning bridal portraits. Of course, composition and lighting also need to be as close to perfect as possible. With this image, I think I nailed everything-the lighting, the pose, the composition, the expression on the bride's face as she's looking down, and my favorite part of the image--her hand just slightly out of focus as she is playing with her ear rings. I always like to incorporate some sort of action in the shots I take, because this creates for a more believable story. The light source for this image was my handy dandy westcott rapid box octa. This is one of my favorite light modifiers. As you can see, it creates some gorgeous soft and dreamy light, perfect for bridal portraits. Another thing I love about this image is the beautiful creamy bokeh that the bride's dress creates. I know from experience that anything with glitter creates amazing bokeh. And most south asian wedding dress have tons of glittery shiny details--this is another reason why I like to shot from the top, the background just melts away into creamy smooth bokeh. 

Location: 1301 US-130, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.