Best Edison NJ Pakistani Wedding Photos
Photography by Bilal
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Best Edison NJ Pakistani Wedding Photos

This is one of my favorite bridal shots of Alina on her Mehndi day. I had asked her to give me a little spin while smiling. This shot not only captured her beautiful smile but also shows off her dress. I often make it a priority to capture as much of the dress as possible. If you've browsed through Pakistani wedding photos online i'm sure you'll come across similar images, however what really strikes me about this image is the quality of light. Not every photographer uses tools that will create beautiful light. An octabox was used to give this image a soft wrap around light. One of the best tools in my gear bag is this octabox. This image was captured at the mirage in Edison NJ.

Location: 1655 Oak Tree Rd # 150, Edison, NJ 08820.