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Photography by Bilal
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Best Pakistani Wedding Photographers NJ

If you're looking for the best Pakistani wedding photographers NJ, then you're search probably brought you to the right place. Although I love to photograph any type of wedding, the majority of my weddings are Pakistani weddings. As a Pakistani wedding photographer I take pride in the fact that my photography is unique if compared to the other Pakistani wedding photographers in NJ. I follow a very nontraditional approach towards my photography, and most of my clients hire me because of this. Photography is not just about having a fancy camera. It's about being able to capture a vision that you may have with the tools you possess, along with the knowledge you have of photography and how to use the light to your advantage. The environment provided is not always the best, so you need to be quick on your feet to come up with a creative vision and bring it to life with the tools you have (in my specific case, all my lighting equipment, camera equipment, light modifiers, creative eye for composition, etc). This specific image was shot in a very messy getting ready room at the venue. However using my knowledge of light and composition I was able to focus on just the bride and leave out any distracting elements. This is just one example of where experience, technical knowledge, and creative vision come into play to create a beautiful image.

Location: 651 NJ-17, Carlstadt, NJ 07072.

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