Creative Wedding Photographer NJ
Photography by Bilal
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Creative Wedding Photographer NJ

If you were to looking for a creative wedding photographer in NJ and saw this photo, what would you think about his or her creative ability? I hope you would think that it's very good! I do like to think outside of the box when shooting bridal portraits. This bride had the perfect look for this type of photo. Very symmetrical. And since I had my 100mm macro lens on me, this worked out perfectly. I always try to imagine the image in my heading before pressing the shutter. In this instance, the image I captured came out just as I envisioned. I was very pleased with the end result, and the bride loved it as well. This image was captured at Ariana's Grand in Woodbridge, NJ. It was a cold November day and the bride was being a real trooper braving the cold, as we were doing the bridal portraits inside. 

Location: 800 Rahway Ave, Woodbridge, NJ 07095.