Elegant Pakistani Wedding at the Merion
Photography by Bilal
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Elegant Pakistani Wedding at the Merion

I shot this beautiful image at a very elegant Pakistani wedding at the Merion in South Jersey. I'll admit it, this image is very old school and traditional, which might go against my style, but at the end of the day we have to keep our clients happy. This is a commonly requested shot by the bride and groom. I wouldn't normally include a image like this in my portfolio, however there is something I liked about this image very much. I just love the bride's expression as her groom is kissing her hand. Her facial expression just looks so genuine and real. The groom is holding the bride's hand perfectly, with just a slight twist in the wrist, and his kiss falling perfectly in the middle of her hand. Another reason I like this image very much is the lighting. It was lit by my favorite light modifier, a westcott octa which produces very soft, dreamy light. The octa was held by my assistant slightly out of the frame and camera left. And yet another reason why I really like this image-the bride's dress is perfectly draped from both her arm and also her legs. The dress is hugging the sofa from the back and it's also being shown off very well, which helps any prospective brides that are interested in looking around for dresses. 

Location: 1301 US-130, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.