Il Villaggio Wedding photos
Photography by Bilal

Il Villaggio Wedding photos

If you're thinking about Il Villaggio wedding photos then you've definitely made a wise choice. The venue is absolutely beautiful and perfect for capture amazing wedding photos. The venue has some great spots for capturing bride and groom photos. This particular photo was taken right by the entrance. The lobby has a very grand feel to it, perfect for any grand wedding of course. I envisioned this image as I was down the hall and I knew the arch in the wall would create a great frame for the couple. So I positioned the couple so that I could see the side of both of their faces. At the same time I wanted to light their faces and since I had their faces turned to the entrance doors (and windows), the light coming in from outside perfectly lit their faces. As a wedding photographer you need to be able to come up with interesting compositions fairly quickly, and I think this image is the perfect example. I could have lit them with an off camera flash but that would have taken out more time from our photo session, sometimes you just gotta do whatever works in a pinch. And if I had them in a pose where they weren't looking in that direction, then their faces would not be properly exposed since the light would be blocked by their back. I ended up loving this pose because it created a very natural, but classy look. Without a doubt this was one of my best weddings of 2018.

Location: 651 NJ-17, Carlstadt, NJ 07072.

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