Jersey City Engagement Session
Photography by Bilal
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Jersey City Engagement Session

Ok, so this technically isn't a wedding photo, it's from Ajay & Dolly's Jersey City engagement session. Since it's a silhouette, you can't really tell what type of photo it is, now can you! Ajay and Dolly actually flew in from California to attend IFFA (Indian film awards) and wanted some professional photos in the jersey city area. So, since i've shot at exchange place before, I suggested the Jersey City Hyatt as a possible location. We had an absolutely amazing session and I captured some amazing photos at this location. This was probably one of my most favorite photoshoots ever. Both Ajay and Dolly were such a pleasure to work with, and were as beautiful inside as they were out. The photos from their session were absolutely breathtaking. This shot was actually the very last photo in our session and turned out to be my favorite. It's not always necessary to get the proper expsoure on your subject. With a little creativity, you can make your subjects stand out in a silhouette as long as you have a very bright background. As it turns it was a sunny day and we were shooting around midday, so it was the perfect time to capture a silhouette photo. I love how their bodies our perfectly outlined, and you can actually see Dolly's hair being blown by the wind (via a silhouette). I remember posting this photo on my Instagram and it was such a big hit, I think it was one of my most liked photos of 2017. With a NYC skyline as a backdrop, this was by far one of my strongest photos of 2017. 

Location: 2 Exchange Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07302.