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Photography by Bilal
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Jersey Shore Wedding Photographers

As a jersey shore wedding photographer, i've shot many weddings along many of NJ beaches. I always love a veil flowing the the wind image, but one is one of my all time favorites. Although it was raining, we found a nice covered area along the shore. We had an assistant throw the beautiful bride's veil up in the air and then captured this photo as the couple kissed. Having the assistant throw the veil in the air gives the impression that the veil is flowing from the wind, so we can create this effect even when it's not windy! Sometimes it's all about timing. Clicking the shutter at just the right moment, if I were to wait a second longer, the veil would have dropped and the photo would not have the same impact. 

Location: Highway 35, 800 River Rd, Belmar, NJ 07719.