Lambert Castle Wedding
Photography by Bilal
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Lambert Castle Wedding

I shot this lovely image at the Lambert Castle in Paterson, NJ. One thing I do as soon as I get to the venue (especially if I haven't worked there before) is I start scouting for photo locations. As I walked around the castle, I noticed there was very beautiful soft light coming through the entrance of the balcony, so I placed the bride and groom right in the middle of that light. I had to ask them to turn their bodies slightly toward the light so that it was on them evenly. I also had to ensure that the pose worked. What I mean by this is that if the couple was facing the other way, the light would be shining on their backs and not their faces. Or if the couple was facing each other, the light would be on one person and not the other.  I had to make sure that the light is shining evenly on both of their faces. Part of being a professional photographer is having the eye to be able to find the light. And not just any light, the soft, beautiful light is what separates an artist from an amateur. This magical light is what creates beautiful, timeless images.   

Location: 3 Valley Rd, Paterson, NJ 07503.