The Marigold Somerset Wedding
Photography by Bilal
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The Marigold Somerset Wedding

This image is from Kirin & Ali's the Marigold Somerset wedding. The Marigold is one of NJ's newest and hottest wedding venues. The main hall is extremely large perfect for any grand wedding. The venue has been very popular with my clients - this must have been my sixth or seventh time shooting a wedding there. Now for a little background on this particular image. I try and capture this shot almost every time I capture the bride getting ready - however it's not always easy to do as the light and focus need to be just right. The alignment of the design of the "dupatta" (bride's veil) also needs to be perfect. This was one of those occasions where everything just fell into place and it worked perfectly. Holding up the heavy veil is no easy task either. It normally requires two people to hold each end. Normally my assistant is able to hold one end, and if a bride's friend is available he/she can hold the other end. The bride's expression in this image was also spot on, this was exactly the look I was aiming for. Since I wanted to get the detail on the bride's veil, I used a 100mm macro lens to shoot very tight, and also used an off camera flash diffused by a Westcott rapid box. The rapid box can work magic and provides some amazing soft light. This was the end result, which didn't even need much post processing work. I think it came out pretty amazing!

Location: 315 Churchill Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873.

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