Marigold Somerset Wedding photos
Photography by Bilal
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Marigold Somerset Wedding photos

Marigold Somerset wedding photos never disappoint. Omair and Zaynah had their wedding at the Marigold and it was truly amazing. Probably one of the most high energy weddings I ever shot.  The Marigold is a fairly new venue and has been a popular venue, I shot at least 3 weddings there in 2017. Zaynah was a very bubbly bride just full of personality. As I was doing her portraits she just busted out doing a few different poses, which made my job easy because I just fired away. I just love a sassy bride that doesn't need direction every second of the day. I normally don't see this sassiness among the Pakistani brides that I work with.  Sometimes Pakistani weddings really surprise me, because I never know what type of bride i'll get ha ha. This was one of my favorite images during her bridal session. This image has the perfect mixture - great lighting, perfect pose, and just the right amount of tilt in the head, that's the recipe for a perfect picture. The "tikka", the Pakistani wedding dress, and the rest of the jewelry are also very nicely shown off in the photo. I used my favorite modifier for this shot, the rapid box Octa. It creates the most beautiful soft light and is quick and easy to setup on location. 

Location: 315 Churchill Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873.