Mehndi day bride eating mithai
Photography by Bilal
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Mehndi day bride eating mithai

I love to be challenged. As I was photographing this candid shot of the bride eating mithai on her mehndi day, a guest had walked right in front of me, blocking my shot. But this guest walking in front of me didnt stop me from taking this photo, instead, I used it to my advantage. Luckily there was a small opening from which I could still see the bride. From this opening I had framed the shot so that I could see the smiling bride. I had perfectly framed a happy moment of the bride enjoying her mithai (sweets). Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box to get the shot you want. If this guest would not have walked in front of me, this shot would not be as special or unique. I strive to be different in my approach to capturing your wedding day. So if you are looking for a different, unique style, i'm will probably be a great fit for you.  Since we are talking about the mehndi day, it's probably helpful to provide some background info on the mehndi day. It is tradition for both the bride and groom to be showered with sweets on the day of the mehndi.  So if you're about to get married and will be having a mehndi, be ready to devour a lot of sweets that day and quite possibly a tummy ache the following day haha. You've been warned :)

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