Mercer County Park wedding photos
Photography by Bilal
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Mercer County Park wedding photos

I absolutely love taking wedding photos at mercer county park. Mercer county park is a beautiful park in Central NJ. It's a perfect place to have a wedding if you are a resident of east windsor/west windsor, hamilton, mercerville, hightstown, princeton, or any of the surrounding areas. The beautiful lake creates a perfect backdrop for amazing wedding photos. They also have a beautiful ballroom and great spots outside for pictures. Enough about the park, let's focus more on the image. I love this image of the bride and groom because it gives me a sense of intimacy between them. And I feel that the black and white enhances that intimacy. As a photographer I think it's very important to create a sense of intimacy between the bride and the groom. If the couple is placed in a position where they naturally feel comfortable, then that will lead to other natural interactions between the couple which equates to beautiful, natural imagery. This is what I always aim for because it does not give my images the fake posed look.  In this image, you can feel a natural connection between the couple. With the scenic background, it creates a very peaceful, and intimate mood. At least that's how I interpret it :).

Location: 1638 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550.