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Photography by Bilal
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new jersey pakistani bridal photographers

If you're looking for one of the best new jersey Pakistani bridal photographers, naturally you're seach should stop here. This image was taken at a local new jersey park, but because it was winter, there was no foliage or any other natural landscape other then barren trees, and on top of everything, it was actually pretty cold out. Just goes to show if you have the eye and the creative vision, beautiful images can be created anywhere, at any time, and at any place. This particular pose is a "featuring her" pose, where focus is placed more on the bride. We do get a small glimpse of the groom but the main subject is the bride just being happy knowing that her groom is by her side. This was just one of many beautiful photos captured that day. Please feel free to reach out using my contact page if you'd like to discuss photography for your big day.

Location: new jersey.

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