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Photography by Bilal
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NJ Destination Wedding Photographer

As a NJ Destination Wedding Photographer, I try my best to shoot a certain number of weddings within the state. This particular image was captured at a wedding very close to my home in hamilton, at the Hilton Garden Inn. At first, I was taking some bridal portraits indoors, but the bride wasn't feeling to comfortable because members of her family were already in the ballroom. At first glance it didn't seem like we had many options to take photos outdoors, but after a little exploring we found a path on the side of the hotel that led to some very pretty garden as well as a gazebo on top of a little pond. It turned out to be a perfect spot to take bridal portraits. And as you can tell from the image, the bride was very happy to have her portraits taken here. This image was taken at high noon and the light was very harsh at this time. However I managed to find a shady spot where I was able to capture some beautiful natural light photos. One could never tell that this image was taken around noon on a summer day. The bridal session turned out to be beautiful. I captured the majority of the bride's photo's in this location. 

Location: 800 US-130, Hamilton Township, NJ 08690.