Pakistani Mehndi photographer
Photography by Bilal
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Pakistani Mehndi photographer

It would be of no surprise to me if you're search for a Pakistani Mehndi photographer landed you to my page. I've captured hundreds of mehndi's in the NJ/NY area. This particular image was taken at Ember Banquet hall in Monmouth Junction, in central Jersey. I almost always use a 50mm lens to capture close up bridal portraits. I just love the look that it creates, especially when shot from a higher angle. An extra bonus to this image were the lights in the background. From experience, I knew that getting in close and shooting at a more open aperture would create a beautiful "bokeh" effect. At the same time I wanted to incorporate the beautiful bride's details, for example her jewelry and eye makeup.The part that makes it a money shot for me is the subtle smile that the bride has as she's caressing her hair. And to top it all off, I used my absolute favorite light modifier to create a very soft light, my handy dandy rapid box. The rapid box is amazing for creating beautiful, soft light images in a pinch. I can literally have it setup in less then 3 minutes and create striking images with beautiful light.

Location: 3793 US-1, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852.

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