Pakistani Wedding at the Il Villaggio
Photography by Bilal
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Pakistani Wedding at the Il Villaggio

I shot Zain & Afifa's Pakistani wedding at the Il Villaggio. What a beautiful venue! Actually, this was a Valima. This shot in particular doesn't really show off the venue, but there are plenty others from this wedding that do. The reason I love this image is because I love the placement, the pose, and the light falling on both the bride and the groom. As with any other couple I photograph, I wanted them to look classy and fabulous. I had the bride place her hand underneath her chin while looking out the window, and the groom was placed in the background just minding his own business and pretending to button his jacket. I purposely wanted more light to fall on the bride, because I wanted the bride to be the main focus. To me this makes the image look very natural and un-posed. This image was taken right after both the bride and groom were finished getting ready, right in the getting ready room. I had to move some furniture around as I had this image in my mind. I ended up executing it perfectly and getting the exact image that I had envisioned in my head. If you're looking for a venue where you'll end up getting really good wedding pictures, then the Il Villaggio will not disappoint.

Location: 651 NJ-17, Carlstadt, NJ 07072.