Pakistani Wedding at the Merion in South Jersey
Photography by Bilal
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Pakistani Wedding at the Merion in South Jersey

I shot this beautiful image at a Pakistani wedding at the Merion in South Jersey. The Merion is very well known as a luxurious high end wedding venue. This was not my first wedding at the Merion so I was very comfortable shooting there. As a high end wedding photographer, i'm comfortable shooting at just about any venue. But enough about the venue-let's talk about the image. I absolutely love this image for a number of reasons. First, the lighting was just so soft, focused, and dreamy. I had my assistant hold an octabox slightly left of the camera just outside of the frame. I then provided some posing assistance to the bride, after a few attempts we got the pose down perfectly. I have to admit, posing comes naturally for some brides, but others really do struggle even if guidance is provided. This bride did struggle with the pose but we managed to pull it off after a few tries. Another reason why I love this image is that it captures the beautiful stage setup in the background as well as the marble floor of the hall. All elements together give this image a very posh look and a very elegant mood-the background, the lighting, the pose. This was one of my favorite bridal portraits of 2016. 

Location: 1301 US-130, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.