Palace at Somerset Wedding
Photography by Bilal

Palace at Somerset Wedding

Aishah & Qamar's Palace at Somerset Wedding was my very first wedding of 2018. It couldn't have started off with a better wedding. The couple was such a pleasure to work with, and the staff at the Palace is always amazing. It ended up raining the entire day, but we didn't let that stop us from taking some amazing photos. We ended up taking quite a few photos in the rain, but this one ended up being my absolute favorite. I'll provide the backstory for this shot-which almost didn't happen. Prior to taking this shot, we had taken a similar shot in a balcony area in a different section of the venue. Then later during the reception (during dessert), as I was taking photos of the people enjoying dessert, the maitre d asked if I could take a shot of the couple outside in the rain. I hesitated to take it because I had already taken the rain shot-however he insisted I take it because this location was much better and was their "signature" location for such a photo. I finally gave in and said ok, although I wasn't really prepared for the shot. I had to think fast. As a wedding photographer, we are often find ourselves in situations where we have to make due with what we have. I had to camera's on me, so in order to take a shot like this I had to have one flash off camera. Since I had a flash on both of my camera's, I ended up taking one flash off of one of my camera's, and quickly changed the settings to place it in slave mode. Then I used my other camera's flash as a master to control my other flash. I still had another problem, my assistant wasn't around, normally for this type of shot my assistant holds the slave flash behind the couple.  It was a big venue, so I couldn't go looking for her, just didn't have the time. The staff at the Palace is so kind, that one of the employees offered to help and hold the flash. I directed the employee on where to stand and how to hold the flash. I finally fired off several shots, and captured this beautiful image. 

Location: 333 Davidson Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873.