Princeton Hyatt Weddings
Photography by Bilal
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Princeton Hyatt Weddings

I have shot so many Princeton Hyatt Weddings that I've lost count exactly how many times I've been there. Regardless, every time a shoot a new wedding at the Hyatt, I imagine as if I've never shot a wedding there before and try to create something different every time. I'm also a preferred vendor at the venue. The venue itself is amazing and has many great spots to capture amazing images. I would highly recommend this venue, especially for South Asian weddings, as they are very common at this venue and they know how to cater to the demands of the South Asian market. Let's talk about this specific image. The floor the bride is on was actually setup and brought by the DJ company that the bride hired. It was an amazing addition as it really enhanced the look of the floor. So I thought, why not try to incorporate this into one of the bridal portraits. For this shot, I got really low on the ground to maximize the lights on the floor. I had then asked the bride to spin with her dress, as I always like to create some movement in some of my shots. At the same time I asked the bride to give me a big smile. This was the resulting image. I actually have a behind the scenes of this image on my instagram-definitely worth checking out!

Location: 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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